Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Helen Broxap

Saturday, 30 June 2012

A simple but special engagement

A lovely friend of mine has just got engaged.  It is such a beautiful story a film should be written about it.  I probably don't have permission to tell you (so don't pass it on!) but it involved her doing voluntary work in a mission hospital in a far off place, giving blood in an emergency and fainting into a kind doctor's arms. Totally romantic! Here's the simple card I made for her:

I wanted it clean and simple and for the image to speak more than words.  I used a martha stewart punch for the birds and grounded them on a branch I drew freehand with a sakura glitter pen. It is mounted on a craftwork cards blank and I embossed around the edge to help it stand out.  Here's a close up:

Simple but nice, and here's wishing the happy couple a lifetime of happiness.

Helen x

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby

OK back to some papercrafts (I feel a couple of posts coming on so beware...). First off my friend's parents have just celebrated their Ruby Wedding.  In talking to the Dad who doesn't usually send cards, I persuaded him to send one if I made one for him! Hence the following card to 'wife'... It has to be better than the card my Dad sent to my Mum once that said inside 'Masel Tov on your Bat Mitzah' (which he obviously hadn't read!). Needless to say that went down like a ton of bricks...

Pity the red mirri card is a bit too reflective for the camera. Then there was a card I made for them from me.  As they've recently enjoyed some dancing lessons I couldn't resist using some of the Jolly Nation characters I had in my stash. I jazzed up the dress with a bit of red glitter pen to match the glittery background. Totally Strictly! 

Hope they went down well with the happy couple.

I'll be back soon.

Helen x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Knit, knit, knit

Well the little fella has arrived (and is totally adorable).  I won't say more online except to say all is well and I am a very proud auntie, my new nephew is a cute as a button and my sister is a super mummy!

To welcome him into the world I've been knitting some little bits and bobs for him.  Now, I'm no expert knitter to say the least.  I can barely do knit and purl so I am really pleased with how they came out. Anyway, I much prefer plain knits to fancy, fussy knits, especially for a boy. What do you think of them?

A little beanie hat - he also has one of these in cream.

Some very dinky little booties. A snazzy red pair are in progress!

A little pom pom hat.  

Now very quick tip, if you are making pom poms don't go faffing with all those bit of cardboard circles cut from cereal packets - get yourself a clover pom pom maker - most clever little gadget I've bought in years.  Even my other nephew and brother-in-law were impressed with the mechanics of it! Boys and their toys...

Finally I wanted to make a blanket.  I got the pattern free from here.  I used the Mary's blanket pattern.  As it is for a preemie it is only small but it fits perfect in the moses basket or for wrapping over his little legs in the car seat or when you are holding him.  My sister liked it anyway and it was so satisfying to make it. Here it is folded up:

I think I'll have to make one for their hospital appeal as a thank you for the pattern.

I hope you card-makers out there aren't too bored (I did warn you in my blurby bit that I do like all crafts!).  I'll get back to posting some cards next time as I have a few made up ready to photograph.

Until next time!

Helen x