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Friday, 25 March 2011

Decisions, decisions - help needed ASAP!

OK I'm in a dilemma.  Got a wedding on Saturday. I've made two cards that are virtually identical but not sure which one to send.  The two are below and now is the time for you to show that you are reading this blog... please could you choose which one to send? On reflection I think I've put the ribbon on the wrong card base - which is probably why I can't make my mind up as neither of them are just right in my fussy opinion.  I'll post the results of the poll on Monday.

Card 1  (With ribbon on the 'Elegant Square' card base)

Card 2 (No ribbon on 'Notched' card base)

Please leave a comment if you have a preference - just Card 1 or Card 2 will do.  If no one responds I'll just have to hide them behind my back and get someone to choose... Thanks for being part of my interactive crafty world!  (Now to choose the outfit - won't bore you with that one or we could be here for days...)


Rochelle said...

I like the first one because the matting matches the shape of the card :)
By the way they are very nice. I like that hearts shape - did you cuttle that?

Lindsay said...

Ah sorry I missed the dilemma. However both are equally gorgeous, very hard to choose between them. At least you have one already prepared now for the next wedding!!