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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Slate, Shells and Sea Glass

And now for something completely different... no card, paper or ribbons in sight!  Last week I was in Anglesey with my family and after a very blustery afternoon beachcombing me and my big sis got to play. This is part of our beachcombing haul:

And this is the beautiful beach.

So here is creation 1 and in keeping with all great artworks it had to have a name and so henceforth it shall be named 'Sea Flower'!

And the second creation is 'Shell Cottage'.  Not quite the amazing creation seen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, but come on, I only had a few shells, a bit of driftwood and some sea glass.  I do love sea glass.  I cannot walk past a bit without squirrelling it away in my pocket.
And finally creation 3!  This little beauty of a clock was mainly made with the help of my brother-in-law and isn't it stylish?  I actually made 2 - one for home and one for my office. I reckon down here in Oxfordshire they would sell for a small fortune.
The mosaics are designed for staying outside so I think I'll hang them near my new garden bench and bring a bit of the beauty of Anglesey and the seaside to my little garden.  Hope you've enjoyed seeing something a bit different!


Anonymous said...

OMG they are absolutely stunning and I love the backdrop for the photos! They look very cool!! I am very impressed, I will have to photo my creation (not quite so good) but anyway, it was all very good fun and great to see the photos, almost like the bench was made for taking pictures on :) xx Roch xx

Karen said...

You rotter - you didn't tell me you could get sea glass! I actually had to order some on the net at the beginning of this year and I had to pay for it!
But seriously Helen. They are all absolutely gorgeous. I especially like Mistress Sea Flower, but that clock is stunning and yes, it would sell for an absolute fortune down here. I know my OH would adore it! lol Kx

Jayne C said...

These are gorgeous, Helen!! I love the little house....and the flower...well, and the clock too!! xx